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June 2014 * A veteran requested PVO assistance to help in relocating to another state to be closer to his family.  PVO provided assistance in packing the veterans goods for shipment and disposing of items that were scheduled for donation to local area charities.

* A disabled veteran requested PVO assistance in a large scale clean-up of the veterans property.  PVO helped in disposing of a large quantity of the veterans personal items.

July 2014 * A veteran requested assistance in disposing of three large appliances.  PVO assisted by removing the appliances from the home and delivering the items to a scrap yard.  The PVO received a donation of $20 for the scrapped items
August 2014 * A veteran requested financial assistance due to a period of unemployment.  PVO assisted by reviewing the veterans financial situation and past due utility bills.  PVO provided the veteran with food baskets and made a direct payment to a utility company for the veteran.
September 2014 * A disabled veteran requested assistance in transporting a large amount of personally acquired relief supplies in response to a plea for help due to a typhoon disaster in the Philippines.  PVO transported the veterans donations to the Philippines relief transport site.

* A disabled veteran residing on Palomar Mountain requested PVO assistance.  His wife is the sole source of family income and required hospitalization.  PVO provided food baskets and purchased propane for the veteran to use in the upcoming winter season.

October 2014 * A veteran request PVO assistance during a period of unemployment.  PVO made a direct payment on the veterans account at a utility company.
November 2014 * A veteran requested assistance with a broken refrigerator.  PVO acquired a replacement, delivered and installed the new refrigerator.
November 2014 * A disabled veteran requested PVO assistance with general clean-up/hauling away accumulated personal items from his rural property. 
December 2014 A Korean War veteran requested PVO assistance in renovations/repairs needed on his mobile home.  PVO initiated a grant request through the Home Depot Foundation. 
December 2014 PVO provided Christmas gifts to several military families at MCAS Miramar
December 2014 Teamed with Susie Mullin from Poway for Operation Ho Ho Ho to provide holiday gift packages to families of Marines attached to the Light Armored Reconnaissacee Batallion at Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton